The Farm


Our family run farm is situated in two locations at the villages of Grampound and St. Ewe.We have been farming within the parish of creed since 1901 just 3 miles from our farm shop, which is situated in the village of Probus.


Wherever possible we use traditional farming method thus ensuring the high standards of quality and husbandry.We breed cattle, sheep and pigs.We grow a variety of vegetables to supply the farm shop and we grow a variety of cereals, which we use for animal feed.


Our cattle are South Devonís, which are prized for their high quality beef carcases.The beef from our South Devonís have fine fat marbling, which ensures the meat is moist and full of flavour when it is cooked.The cattle eat grass throughout the spring, summer and autumn months.In the winter the cattle are fed on silage (a natural method of preserving grass).We do not use artificial growth promoters or hormones and we have never had a case of B.S.E.